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Tackable wallpaper is the perfect way to liven up a humdrum waiting room or break room wall. It’s so versatile that it can be used in commercial and home offices, conference rooms, workstations, hallways, or any place you might want to tack something to the wall! At Zack Painting, we offer a variety of tackable wallcoverings for your commercial or even industrial space. We’ve been in the painting services business for over 95 years and are here to help you in any way you need. Get started transforming your walls with Zack Painting today!

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Commercial Wallpaper Services

Tackable wallcoverings are great because not only can you pin whatever you need to into them, but they’re also incredibly durable and can last in your facility for a long time. They offer creative aesthetics and practical usage all in one. You can instantly transform your walls into a modern, sleek, practical space instantly! It doesn’t matter if you only need one panel of tackable wallcoverings or several panels for multiple walls—Zack Painting’s got you covered.

There are many different options for what type of tackable wallcoverings you can have in your facility. Here are a few materials that we offer:

  • Classic cork board. Using cork board as your tackable wallcovering is great because it simultaneously looks rustic and chic and is incredibly practical for tacking needs. Cork is also environmentally friendly, as no trees have to be put down to make it.
  • Tackable trim. This option goes around the border of your presentation space to allow for any tacking needs along the perimeter. It also creates a beautiful framing aesthetic!
  • Nonwoven wallcoverings. This wallcovering option consists of short/staple fibers that are mechanically interlocked in a repeated pattern. It has a “self-healing” quality, in which these fibers can stitch back together on their own, which makes them perfect for tacking needs!

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Professional Tackable Wallcovering Services in NJ, NY, CT, and PA
Our team of professional painters at Zack Painting has been serving the Northeastern US for over 90 years. We pride ourselves on being safe, high-quality, and technologically savvy at each and every job. If you’re in need of tackable wallcovering services for your facility, look no further than Zack Painting!

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