Waste Water & Water Treatment Facility Painting in NJ, NY & PA

Waste water, sewage, and water treatment plants require intensive steel and concrete maintenance due to highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas and microbiological induced corrosion. Zack Painting Company has the equipment and know-how to specify and apply long-lasting paint systems to prevent premature failure.

If your waste water or water treatment facility needs help with the application or maintenance of special protective coatings, contact Zack Painting today for a consultation.

Concrete Parging & Resurfacing

When the concrete surfaces at your plant were originally set and coated, small air holes may have been trapped. Over time, the air trapped in these cavities releases into the protective coating on the concrete, compromising the integrity of the coating. Parging is an inexpensive way to refine the surface of your concrete structures to prepare them for a new layer of epoxy coating, restoring their integrity.

Plural Component Epoxy Coatings

Plural component epoxy coatings are made up of a base (resin or epoxy) and an activator (catalyst hardener, or converter) that offer fast curing times, waterproof qualities, resistance to chemicals, and more. All of these qualities are necessary when coating water holding tanks and other structures at your water treatment or sewage plant so you can rehabilitate your structures and get back to normal operations quickly.

Crack Remediation & Injection

In addition to water and sewage treatment plant painting, Zack Painting can offer crack remediation using epoxy injection. Epoxy injection can eliminate moisture in small structural cracks. High-pressure injection allows the epoxy to move and fill all micro-cracks in the structure, restoring its strength and stability.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Facility Painting Services

No matter what structural issues your plant’s surfaces are facing, we can help restore them with expert crack remediation and application of protective coatings. We know any amount of downtime is undesirable for your company, so we work quickly, efficiently, and effectively to ensure your plant is back to normal as quickly as possible.

For all your facility’s industrial painting needs, choose the team with nearly a century of experience. Zack Painting has been serving the tri-state area since 1923, and the experience of our team is unmatched in the region.

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