Painting Services for Chemical Plants in NJ, NY, and PA

It’s in the name: When you’re looking for painting services for your chemical plant, you’re looking for a company that can protect your chemical products on the inside. Protective painting is also essential in making sure that your employees are able to work safely and comfortably the entire day inside of your chemical plant. Luckily for you, the industrial painting contractors at Zack Painting have over 90 years of industrial painting experience. We can work with you to assess your building and keep it aesthetically pleasing and safe – all at the same time!

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Painting and Flooring Options for Chemical Plants

  • Sandblasting: Sandblasting is when very small bits of material are propelled at high speed to clean or etch a surface on a chemical plant floor. This process can work to remove rust and stains and blast away dangerous lead-based paint from old fixtures left in your building. Sandblasting expertly prepares your floors for painting by making them incredibly smooth.
  • Commercial Epoxy Flooring & Floor Coating: Floor coating is essential for a sanitary, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance chemical plant. Epoxy flooring is perfect for chemical plants due to its exceptional durability and ability to protect floors from moisture, stains, grease, and cracks.
  • Interior and Exterior Painting: While we know that the most important part of your chemical plant is what happens inside, it’s important to make sure your building is aesthetically pleasing outside too. Zack Painting is proud to be a painting contractor that provides painting maintenance plans. That means we schedule and perform the touch-ups so you don’t have to!

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High-Quality Industrial Painting Contractors in NJ, NY, and PA

At Zack Painting, our number one priority is to ensure that your chemical plant is transformed into a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space. Our team of industrial painting contractors has been servicing chemical plants for over 90 years. We are dedicated to helping you with your painting and flooring services in any way possible, including tank painting! Don’t wait any longer – let Zack Painting help coat and clean your chemical plant today.

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