Industrial Painting Services for Warehouses in New Jersey

Warehouses have to be particular about their painting services because they store commercial items for long periods of time. The experts at Zack Painting are highly aware of this, which is why we offer a line of services specifically designed for any and all warehouse needs. Our warehouse painting contractors are trained in interior and exterior warehouse painting, as well as many safety painting techniques such as fireproofing and lead abatement. Zack Painting has been providing industrial painting services for over 95 years and is ready to service your warehouse today.

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Wall and Floor Painting Services for Warehouses

Zack Painting is proud to offer a variety of wall and floor painting options for your warehouse facility. Here are the services we can provide:

  • Interior & Exterior Painting: We know you want your warehouse to look good on both the inside and the outside. We also know that you’re probably busy trying to manage what goes on within the warehouse rather than maintain how it looks. This is why Zack Painting offers painting services and painting maintenance programs, so your warehouse looks great and you don’t have to worry about touch ups!
  • Sandblasting: Sandblasting is when very small bits of material are propelled at high speed to clean or etch a surface on a warehouse floor. This process can work to remove rust and stains and blast away dangerous lead-based paint from old fixtures left in your building. Sandblasting expertly prepares your warehouse floors for painting by making it incredibly smooth.
  • Lead Abatement: Lead abatement is essential if your warehouse was built before 1978. These projects are designed to permanently eliminate existing lead-based paint hazards. If you believe that you own a lead-based warehouse, lead abatement can leave you with peace of mind that your building is safe and healthy to operate in.
  • Commercial Epoxy Flooring & Floor Coating: Floor coating is essential for a sanitary, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and low maintenance warehouse. Epoxy flooring is perfect for warehouses due to its exceptional durability and ability to protect floors from moisture, stains, grease, and cracks.
  • Fireproofing: A warehouse must be fireproofed to protect from mechanical or electrical errors. We use intumescent coatings, which are paint coatings that expand under excessive heat and act as an insulator to keep fire away from building structures or openings. This way, all of your goods will stay safe from any emergencies.

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We Pride Ourselves on Safety Standards in Warehouses

One of the most important parts of our jobs here at Zack Painting is providing safe service. We genuinely believe that every single incident, accident, or injury is preventable with the right preparation and precaution. Every single Zack Painting employee has a “STOP WORK” authority if they feel the job they are performing could be unsafe.

All Zack Painting projects meet or exceed OSHA regulations. Each of our employees has been trained through technical field procedures and ongoing training programs to perform the safest, best work possible. We are proud to have a shining safety record on our projects.

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Premier Interior and Exterior Warehouse Painting in NJ, NY, CT, and PA

Our team of professional painters at Zack Painting has been servicing the Northeast US for over 90 years. No matter what goods you store, where your distribution goes, or any other warehouse detail, we guarantee we can service your building. We pride ourselves on being safe, high-quality, and technologically savvy at each and every job. If you’re in need of wall and floor painting services for your warehouse, look no further than Zack Painting!

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