Painting Services for Sewerage Authorities

As a sewerage authority, you’re responsible for ensuring that the waste from a common area is removed safely and correctly. There are many understandable health considerations that come along with this service, which is why it’s important to ensure that your sewerage authority spaces are painted and protected in the right way. Zack Painting offers wastewater and water treatment painting services for sewerage authorities throughout the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area.

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Wastewater and Water Treatment Painting in NY, NJ, and PA

It’s incredibly important for facilities that deal with sewage, waste, and water to have extensive steel and concrete maintenance due to possible facilities corrosion. Luckily, our team has the experience and training to get your sewerage authority facility protected right away. Here are a few of the specific services we provide:

  • Concrete Parging & Resurfacing: When you were laying down concrete at your sewerage location, small air holes may have been trapped within it. With time, these air bubbles release into your concrete’s protective coating, which makes the protection less reliable. Zack Painting can help your parge your concrete to refine its surface and help prepare it for another layer of epoxy coating.
  • Plural Component Epoxy Coating: Epoxy coating is your one-stop shop for fast curing times, waterproof qualities, chemical resistance, and more for the floors all throughout your sewerage authority building!
  • Crack Remediation and Injection: Epoxy injection can eliminate moisture in small structural cracks throughout your sewerage authority space. High-pressure epoxy injection can move throughout and fill any cracks in your system’s structure, as well. This ensures your floors are kept strong and reliable!

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High-Quality Painting Services for Sewerage Authorities in NJ, NY, and PA

Zack Painting has been servicing the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area for over 90 years. We are proud to provide safe, high-quality, and technologically savvy service at each and every job we go to. We know that the safety and quality of your sewerage authority space is important, which is why Zack Painting wants to work with you today!

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