Plural Component Epoxy Coatings

While conventional paint is suitable for many applications, sometimes it falls flat. When you need fast curing times, waterproof qualities, and chemical-resistance, plural component epoxy coatings may be the best choice. The unique chemistry of epoxy blends allows them to succeed where other paints fail, such as on water holding tanks and other structures at wastewater and water treatment facilities.

Zack Painting has the specialized equipment and knowledge necessary to apply plural component coatings quickly and correctly. This ensures minimal downtime and optimizes the performance of your structures for years to come.

What Are Plural Component Epoxy Coatings?

Plural component coatings are two-part, high-solid blends comprised of a base (resin or epoxy) and an activator (catalyst hardener or converter). They are chemically bonded, as opposed to physically bonded coatings that consist of substrate surfaces. Plural component coatings are mixed in precise ratios for the application at hand, resulting in one of three coating types: epoxy, polyurea, or polyurethane.

While plural component coatings may prove beneficial to the customer, specialized application techniques are required to garner desirable results. The crew at Zack Painting is more than qualified to handle our plural component sprayers. Thanks to our extensive safety training and management skills, we can ensure your project is completed as quickly and safely as possible. We aren’t old-fashioned commercial and industrial painters simply trying our hand at a new approach—we’re truly masters of our craft!

Applications for Plural Component Epoxy Coatings

At Zack Painting, we apply plural component epoxy coatings in facilities across numerous industries. These include:

  • Potable water and public utilities
  • Water and sewage treatment facilities
  • Petrochemical storage and refineries
  • Chemical and industrial plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pulp and paper mills

Benefits of Plural Component Epoxy Coatings

Specialized epoxy coatings could prove beneficial for your facility if you’re looking for the following benefits:

  • Speed and precision: If you have relied on the “hot pot” method in the past, you may have noticed that the process is time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies. Plural component spraying eliminates the need to mix and apply the epoxy by hand, resulting in a faster application and more precise results.
  • Fast curing times: Are you seeking industrial painting services that won’t halt operations? Advanced plural component coatings cure incredibly quickly for a rapid return to service.
  • Solvent and VOC-free blends: If you must abide by VOC requirements or other environmental standards, rest assured that plural component epoxy coatings are USDA- and potable water-approved.
  • Flexibility: The elasticity of plural component epoxy allows it to bridge and seal cracks in your industrial equipment.
  • Excellent resistances: Our epoxy coatings are resistant to water, solvents, acids, caustics, UV exposure, thermal shock, vibration, and environmental/atmospheric elements. These resistances help prevent corrosion, rusting, fading, and other degradation that could shorten the life of your industrial equipment.
  • Fine finishes: While plural component epoxy does much more than simply make your industrial equipment look nice, it serves as an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch.

Plural Component Epoxy Coatings in NJ, NY, and PA

Zack Painting has nearly a century of experience helping customers in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania with all their painting needs. If you operate a facility with surfaces that must withstand exposure to water and corrosive chemicals, plural component coatings can save you time and money in the long run. Our knowledgeable team can recommend the coating types best suited to your needs. With your satisfaction as our top priority, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver a job well done.

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