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We know it can be overwhelming, ensuring that your facility is properly maintained and looking great inside and out. We understand your needs and have helped clients that have pressing time constraints, restricted-access facilities, tenant requests, staging, and other issues that make maintenance projects difficult. We work closely with our commercial, institutional, and industrial clients to ensure that their facilities are properly maintained and create a lasting impression. Zack Painting is here to help you get your maintenance projects done on time and in a cost-effective manner.

Looking for interior and exterior painting contractors “in my area” of New Jersey, New York, or eastern Pennsylvania to spruce up your business or industrial facility? Reach out for a consultation today.

Painting Maintenance Services

We offer painting maintenance plans that provide touch-up services and on-call scheduled visits. We use an in-house electronic system that documents exactly which paints and colors your facility used and where they were applied. That way, we’ll always perfectly match your existing colors when we visit for touch-ups.

Want to renovate your existing hallways with new wallcovering? No problem. Want a fresh coat of paint before an audit or corporate site visit? Piece of cake. Zack Painting employs a sales team and project managers who are on call every day to mobilize the manpower needed to keep your facility looking its best.

To request an estimate on painting maintenance, contact Zack Painting at (732) 738-7900.

Industries We Serve

We’ve been in the commercial painting business since 1923, so there are few types of businesses we haven’t worked with. A non-exhaustive list of facilities we’ve served includes:


  • Office buildings and interiors
  • Department stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Large retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Theaters
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Laboratories
  • Financial institutions


Wastewater & Water Treatment

  • Sewerage authorities
  • Private water companies

Don’t stress about your next facility maintenance project. Call the local painting contractors at Zack Painting Company to take care of all of your maintenance needs! You can reach us at 732-738-7900.

Commercial Painting FAQs

How often do commercial and industrial buildings need to be repainted?

While many variables come into play, we recommend painting the exterior of your commercial building every eight to 12 years. The appearance of your storefront could determine whether you make a good or bad first impression on customers. If you notice chipping paint, wood rot, rust, or weathering, schedule services from Zack Painting to restore the building’s curb appeal.

As for the interior, it depends greatly on how you use the space. Office buildings, for instance, may require interior painting every four to five years to fix minor wear and tear and update the color.

What is the best time of year to repaint my facility in NJ, NY, CT, or PA?

It’s possible to paint your building at any time of year. Of course, weather can affect the ability to paint outside, but with a wide ideal temperature range, wintertime exterior painting is often possible. Interior painting is even more flexible. In short, the best time to repaint your building is whenever it works with your schedule.

Do you have building size restrictions for commercial painting?

With the ability to paint everything from offices to warehouses, we are confident we can tackle your commercial painting project, whether large or small. If you’re interested in interior or exterior painting services for your department store or movie theater, manufacturing facility, or wastewater treatment plant, please give us a call at (732) 738-7900.

Is it possible to repaint a building interior while employees are working?

Yes! Our crew has experience coordinating between building employees and the painting team. This requires ongoing communication to ensure a smooth process. Together, we can create an efficient schedule that gets the job done while minimizing the impact on your workers’ productivity.

Do you offer after-hours painting?

Yes. If you would prefer our team to work while your business is closed, that is certainly an option. After-hours painting is frequently requested by offices, warehouses, and retail interiors that serve customers during the day. Contact us to ask about our after-hours rates.

Do you protect and/or move furniture during painting?

If our painters come across furniture or other movable obstructions, we will relocate them upon request and as needed. Our team can also cover large, immovable objects with plastic to protect them while painting is underway. We’ll clean up after ourselves and return everything to its original position once the job is complete.

To request high-quality interior and exterior painting for your commercial or industrial building, please contact Zack Painting at (732) 738-7900. We have nearly 100 years of experience serving the NJ, NY, CT, and PA areas.

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