Medical Facility Painting Services in New Jersey

Medical facilities have a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to how they’re painted. While the aesthetic appearance of a medical facility is certainly something to consider, there’s also a lot of weight placed on the health standards of the paint used inside of a hospital as well. You want the hospital room to look nice, but you also want it to be safe and healthy for any patient staying inside of it. Zack Painting has been providing painting services to medical facilities for over 95 years and is ready to transform your facility today.

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Commercial Paint and Flooring Options for Health Care Facilities

There are a variety options for paint and flooring options in a health care facility. Here are the services Zack Painting can provide for you:

  • Interior and Exterior Painting & Maintenance: We know that you want your health care facility to look great both inside and outside. However, when you’re working so hard on ensuring your facility’s patients are taken care of, sometimes it can be hard to maintain the aesthetics of your building. We use an in-house electronic system that documents exactly which paints and colors your facility uses and where they’re applied. That way, we’ll always perfectly match your existing colors when we visit for touch-ups.
  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper is perfect for high-traffic areas, such as a hospital waiting room or gift shop. Wallpaper is also an incredibly affordable option that allows for you to get creative in how you choose to decorate your health care facility’s walls. A vibrant wallpaper can quickly brighten up a patient’s day!
  • Commercial Flooring Installation & Floor Preparation: Having sanitary and low-maintenance floors is essential in a place like a doctor’s office or hospital. Zack Painting offers epoxy-based floor coatings that keep your floors clean, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing. We’re proud to work with all major flooring manufacturers, such as General Polymers, Sherwin Williams, Sika, Dur-A-Flex, Benjamin Moore, Tnemec, Mega Seal, and Corotech.
  • Fireproofing: A building like a hospital or doctor’s office must be fireproofed, in case of an emergency. Our fireproofing materials, such as intumescent and cementitious coatings, protect your building from any fire emergency.
  • Lead Abatement: If your health care facility was constructed before 1978, it is possible that it still contains dangerous amounts of lead in its walls, ceilings, or exterior finishes. Zack Painting’s lead abatement services can help your health care facility get rid of all traces of lead in its structures and make sure it operates safely and healthily.

Here’s a picture of a wallpaper project we’re proud of, a FilzFelt wallcovering at Fidessa in Jersey City, NJ. This would make for a lovely waiting room covering:

Medical Facility Painting Services in New Jersey

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Zack Painting is proud to be the leading hospital painting contractor in the Northeastern US. We are excited to start working with your commercial health care facility and ensure that it’s as aesthetically pleasing and healthy as possible. To ensure that your hospital rooms, waiting rooms, interior and exterior walls, and anything in between are painted beautifully and cleanly, look no further than the experts at Zack Painting!

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