Commercial Epoxy Flooring in NJ, NY & PA

Preparation & Application of Floor Coatings

Zack Painting is highly experienced and well-trained in applying sanitary, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance epoxy-based floor coatings and resinous flooring systems. Epoxy flooring is the method of choice for commercial and industrial flooring applications in warehouses, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities due to its exceptional durability and ability to protect concrete from moisture, stains, grease, and cracks.

The team at Zack Painting has been the local leader in commercial floor preparation and floor coating since 1923. Call 732-738-7900 or contact us online to get an estimate for your floor coating project today.

What Facilities Can Use Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floors come in a wide spectrum of colors and textures, and our highly trained project managers can come up with the best system for your individual needs. Whether you manage a hospital, manufacturing plant, refinery, large retail store, or water and waste treatment center, we have an epoxy system that is right for you.

We work with all major flooring manufacturers, including General Polymers, Sherwin-Williams, Sika, Dur-A-Flex, Benjamin Moore, Tnemec, MegaSeal, and Corotech. We also have specialized solutions for particular floor uses such as anti-static options, chemical-resistant floors, pharmaceutical and seamless floors, decorative floors, and secondary containment coatings.

Is Epoxy Flooring Safe?

Epoxy flooring is completely safe when properly applied by experienced, licensed contractors. It’s true that all epoxy contains low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are given off during the application process. Contractors wear masks to avoid breathing in fumes during application. However, once the hardening process begins and the flooring cures, epoxy flooring is completely safe to be around, even for children and animals.

The Importance of Proper Floor Preparation

The most crucial aspect of proper flooring adhesion is floor preparation. At Zack Painting, we don’t leave this important task to a subcontractor—our team has all the necessary equipment to perform diamond grinding, scarifying, and shot blasting in order to properly prepare the floor for a resinous coating.

Epoxy Flooring Application

Our highly skilled crews handle your project from floor preparation to application of the epoxy, slurry, self-leveler, broadcast/chip floor, epoxy-mortar, cement urethane, polyaspartic coating, concrete floor paint, or polycarbon floor. We work quickly and effectively to ensure that your facility faces the least amount of down-time possible. Many of the products we use are fast-drying, so your employees can get back onto the floor without any inconvenience or delay.

Choose Zack Painting for Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Zack Painting has been a leader in commercial flooring for nearly 100 years. Give us a call at 732-738-7900 today to speak with our highly trained salespeople and project managers to get started on your commercial or industrial flooring project!

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