Electrostatic Painting

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While file cabinets, railings, lockers, and other metal equipment can last a lifetime, their looks unfortunately do not. Zack Painting uses a method of painting called electrostatic spraying to freshen up your facility’s metal fixtures. Electrostatic spray painting is a process where special equipment atomizes and statically charges the paint as it leaves the spray head. The charged paint seeks out the grounded metal and “wraps” around even the most intricate shapes. Unlike conventional spray processes, the paint is statically drawn to the metal from all directions, so there is no overspray, splattering, or mess. This leaves your metal fixtures with a perfect factory-like enamel finish that is cost effective and dries to the touch in a few hours. We work at your convenience–after hours or weekends when necessary to reduce disruption of your business operations. Since electrostatic paint is fast drying, your file cabinets, convector covers, machinery, or commercial window sills will be the color of your choice and completely dry by the next morning. Contact Zack Painting to freshen up your metal fixtures on site today!

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