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Zack Painting has extensive knowledge and experience providing high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning services. We work with facility managers of many different markets including industrial sites, retail stores, hospitals, parking decks, schools, and hotels. We can knock out your most difficult cleaning issues whether you need pressure washing, sandblasting, chemical stripping, or graffiti removal. Zack Painting uses pressure washers which are high-pressure mechanical water sprayers that remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces or objects such as buildings, vehicles, tanks, or concrete surfaces. For particularly tough or dirty jobs, we can use a slurry blast or wet blast where water is mixed with an abrasive media for added effectiveness. For decades we have been a premier sandblasting contractor in the tri-state area. Sandblasting is a process whereby very fine bits of material are propelled at high velocity to clean or etch a surface. Sand is often the most commonly used material, however other materials such as powdered abrasives, grits, or sponge can also be blasted. By launching these small bits of abrasives at high speeds, nearly all imperfections are knocked loose, creating and incredibly smooth surface ready for a new layer of paint. Occasionally, a building is delicate and pressure washing or sandblasting could do damage. For jobs requiring extra care to clean the area, we use chemical strippers. Chemical strippers are solvents that come in either liquid or paste and work by softening the old finish so that it can be easily removed. They are great for complex shapes such as moldings and many chemical strippers have low odors and clean up with water. Our expert project managers will work with you to provide the best strategies for cleaning and preparing your project before painting. Zack Painting takes safety very seriously and we follow all on-site safety protocols for application, clean-up, and disposal of blasting material. Contact us today for a quote for your next surface cleaning job.

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