Acoustical Ceiling

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One of the simplest ways to spruce up a dreary, dated work environment is to replace your old acoustical ceiling tiles. However, the labor and replacement of the old tiles can get costly. A quick and cost-efficient alternative is to recoat your existing ceiling tile. Acoustical ceiling restoration is a great way to freshen up your office space, whether it is part of a new renovation or just for regular facility maintenance. Zack Painting is a certified installer of ProCoat, a specialty “dry-fall” coating made specifically for acoustical ceiling tile. Using ProCoat, the ceiling tile does not even have to be taken down! Once the material is sprayed onto the tile, any material that does not adhere simply falls to the ground to be swept up. In addition, ProCoat is different from traditional paints and will not clog the pores of the tile or strip the ceiling tile of its sound dampening qualities This process can be done quickly and easily overnight so that it does not disrupt the daytime use of the building. Contact us now to speak with a sales representative who can assist you quickly and professionally with your ceiling restoration project!

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