Top Ways to Prevent Steel Corrosion

Corrosion is an expensive problem for commercial and industrial building owners. The cost to correct corroded machinery, equipment, and buildings hovers around $7 billion per year. The good news is you can prevent corrosion, even in the most demanding operational settings, by implementing the proper techniques.

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Methods for Controlling Corrosion

If left to its own devices, corrosion will cause rust and pitting, which weakens metal materials and may eventually cause structural failure. Fortunately, it’s possible to stop corrosion on building surfaces with certain coatings. These include:

  • Zinc-rich coatings: Zinc is often used as a sacrificial metal. It attracts the corrosive aspects of water, salt, acids, and chemicals, protecting the steel or iron from harm.
  • Finished primers: Painting metal surfaces guards against corrosion by providing a barrier between the metal and corrosive elements in the air. Choosing a primer with anti-corrosive pigments goes one step further by absorbing and tying up moisture so it doesn’t react with the steel.

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Types of Rust-Proof Coatings

Building operators have three primary rust-proof coatings to choose from:

  • Alkyd enamels: Appropriate for both interior and exterior surfaces, alkyd enamels can withstand moderate to severe conditions for three to five years. The finish is high-gloss and fade-resistant for an attractive aesthetic. Possible application methods include brush, roller, or spray.
  • Epoxy coatings: Industrial epoxy offers a higher coat quality than alkyd enamel. The trade-off is that color and gloss retention is poor. Spraying is the recommended application method, though brushes and rollers can also be used.
  • Polyurethane coatings: The coat quality of polyurethane is the highest of all for maximum corrosion resistance lasting up to 10 years. It also provides color and gloss retention and abrasion resistance. Spraying is the required application method.

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How to Choose a Rust-Proof Coating

Consider the following criteria to reveal whether alkyd enamels, epoxy coatings, or polyurethane coatings are best for your situation:

  • Coat quality: What level of anti-corrosive paint do you need? How long do you want the coating to last?
  • Preferred application: Do you have a preference between brushing, rolling, or spraying?
  • Aesthetics: Where is the coated metal surface located? How important is it for the paint to look attractive? Is gloss and color retention necessary?
  • Price: Higher-quality, longer-lasting coatings cost more upfront. Does the added corrosion-resistance, durability, and aesthetic warrant the price in your situation?
  • Environmental considerations: How will the paint affect your building and the people working in it? Does the coating meet local environmental regulations?

Don’t stress about which rust-proof coating to choose—the experts at Zack Painting can help you make the best selection.

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Applying the proper industrial-grade coating is a cost-effective way to minimize the appearance and effects of corrosion in your building. The experienced professionals at Zack Painting can paint new facilities, strip and replace damaged paint, or improve the performance and aesthetics of existing coatings. We work closely with our clients to understand their corrosion concerns and ensure we provide the proper product and application technique for long-lasting results.

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