Industrial & Commercial Painting Techniques and Surface Preparation Best Practices

Structural steel is very durable and will last for multiple lifetimes, but only if specific protective features and practices are followed. Steel is highly susceptible to moisture damage. Once rust settles in, the corrosion that takes place can become a nuisance economically. In the worst case scenario, it is a serious safety hazard to a structure’s occupants and neighbors.

Commercial and industrial painting protects steel structures and other steel elements from the elements, and ultimately protects your investment. Zack Painting specializes in painting structural steel, and today we’re sharing the top industrial and commercial painting methods and paint products to protect steel surfaces.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is a critical first step in the protection of steel structures. Proper surface preparation can maximize coating life and minimize future costs. Zack Painting Company has expertise in many forms of surface preparation including hand-tool grinding, high-pressure water blasting, and various sandblasting methods.

Additionally, Zack Painting Company is a proud member of SSPC/NACE, with many of our project managers, estimators, and field personnel NACE CIP trained and certified. We are knowledgeable on the technical surface preparation methods required by even the most stringent of engineering specifications

Protective Paint

The quality of industrial-grade paint is measured in several different ways, including its ability to provide a protective barrier for the steel or concrete structures in a facility. The best industrial paint is designed to guard against water, corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals, even in the most demanding operational settings. High-quality industrial coatings successfully preserve the items that lie underneath, extending the life span of building materials and curbing replacement costs.

Zack Painting uses only the highest-quality paint in our industrial and commercial projects. Call (732) 738-7900 for a quote today.

Painting Safety

Commercial painting contractors engage in hazardous work. Safety during blasting and other forms of surface preparation is a top priority. Choose a commercial painting company that follows up-to-date safety requirements put forth by OSHA. Using low-VOC paint, skin and eye protection, respirators, and fall protection helps keep the jobsite safe for workers and customers alike.

Safety is of paramount importance to Zack Painting. Contact us to ask how we meet or exceed every applicable OSHA regulation.

Application Methods

Various paint application methods are used in different settings. These include:

  • Air sprayers: This painting method applies a mist of fine spray to the surface, leaving a smooth finish behind.
  • Airless sprayers: These devices atomize paint at a higher pressure than air sprayers. They are ideal for large industrial painting projects because they provide higher efficiency and avoid the potential for over-spraying.
  • Rollers: Rolling on industrial paint is best for hard to reach areas, or where spray application is unfeasible.
  • Brushes: Traditional paintbrushes may be the best choice for small or detailed jobs. An experienced painter can create a smooth, professional finish.

Our painters are knowledgeable in all paint application methods. We’ll recommend the best techniques for your project.

Experienced Commercial Painters With Technical Expertise

The most important part of commercial and industrial painting is to leave the job to a professional. Regardless of what the job entails, you’ll get the best results every time if you choose an experienced painting company that is knowledgeable about surface preparation and that prioritizes high-quality products, safety, and precision.

For your next industrial or commercial painting project, turn to Zack Painting. Our team will implement the proper techniques required to help your building stand up to the most demanding operational conditions.

To schedule interior or exterior painting for your commercial or industrial building, please contact us at (732) 738-7900. We have served companies in NJ, NY, CT, and PA for nearly 100 years.

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