Our EMR Score Just Set a New Company Safety Record!

We’re proud to announce our new EMR of .526, far outpacing industry standards for safety and loss prevention. An Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 1.0 is considered average. Cutting that number by almost 50% places Zack Painting in an elite range that few commercial painting contractors ever achieve.

EMR scores are issued annually based on workers’ compensation claims and other issues related to workplace injuries and risk. While an EMR of 1.0 is considered average, Zack Painting has historically achieved above-average EMR scores in the .8 range.

Spearheading recent initiatives to enhance safety and reduce risk has been Bob Brown, our Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager. As we started taking on more complex, large-scale projects, often in hazardous environments, we turned to Bob and challenged him to take our EMR standards to the next level.

Nobody is better than Bob when it comes to creating and communicating safety protocols in a way that’s pragmatic and practical so managers and crews can easily follow them. His hard work allows us to analyze potentially risky scenarios and continuously improve. By taking steps to create a safe work environment, Zack Painting protects its employees while reducing risk for its clients. This new EMR of .526 is a tribute to Bob and our entire team’s relentless commitment to safety.

Bob says that safety is very much a team sport and describes it this way, “We often work in high elevations, tight spaces, and tough conditions that can be dangerous, while strict safety requirements add a layer of complexity to each project. I’m proud to be part of a company that collectively emphasizes the importance of safety, from the executives to the crews in the field.”

We’re glad to have Bob on our team.

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