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Radar Dome, Thule, Greenland

Full Service NJ, NY and PA Painting & Wall Covering Contractor

Family owned and operated, Zack Painting Company is one of the largest full service painting and wallcovering contractors serving the tri-state area. Since 1923, Zack Painting has grown to become a diversified and state of the art company, performing projects in all business sectors from manufacturing and industrial to retail and corporate office spaces. Zack Painting, as subcontractor, performs projects of all sizes for General Contractors and Construction Managers and works directly for most of the Fortune 500 Companies.

Zack Painting’s trade affiliations include:

specialty painting company and painting contractor in NJ, NY, PA

How much time did Leonardo Da Vinci spend painting the Mona Lisa's lips?

A. 5 days
B. 8 weeks
C. 12 years

Answer: C. Leonardo Da Vinci devoted 12 full years to painting the lips of his most famous subject, the Mona Lisa.

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